Workout Of the Day. The workout of the day typically comprises of a strength component and a conditioning component. The WODs are constantly varied and programmed in advance by head coach James Hunter. Each 8-10 weeks  there is a new focus from a power movement to olympic lifts and gymnastic skills. Always trust the plan!


The burn classes are pure conditioning classes designed to get your heart rate up and burn through calories. A great option for those looking to improve their conditioning or are looking for a fast paced, body weight workout!


A Hero WOD is a workout dedicated to members of the defence force or emergency services who have given their lives in the line of duty. Coming in on a Friday to complete a Hero WOD is our way at CrossFit Fallen of honouring them and showing them respect. These WODs are not for the feint hearted as they tend to be the hardest workout of the week but the meaning behind the workout drives you to work your best.

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