I have been in the fitness industry since 2009 through Rowing coaching, Personal Training, Remedial Massage and CrossFit.

Over these years I have worked with a wide range of people. From weight loss to weight gain, strength training to conditioning. I enjoy working with people who have injuries, showing them and everyone else, that no matter what your set back, there is always a way to do CrossFit and to bring the best out in the box.

The whole philosophy of CrossFit is what drew me to it in the beginning, the concept of not only being strong but encouraging all round fitness and gymnastic movements to make you a well rounded athlete.

The best part of my day is knowing that I get to wake up, go to work and make people’s lives better through CrossFit.

Favourite workout: Hero WOD, The seven.

Favourite movement: Power clean.

Least favourite workout: Karen.

Least favourite movement: Wallballs, I’m 5’8 on a tall day and its a longgggg way to throw that ball.

The understanding of the benefits CrossFit could provide to the individual is what drew me to CrossFit in the beginning.

The concept of not only being strong, but all round adaptive fitness, including olympic lifting and gymnastic movements, to embellish your every-day life is something you don’t see in your every day training.

Everyone starts somewhere and commitment is the key to make you shine.


Favourite workout: Hero WOD Murph.

Favourite movement: Dead Lift.

Least favourite workout: Hero WOD Holleyman.

Least favourite movement: Snatch, mobility is the key to lifting, and that just ain’t me.

As a Fitness Professional and a mother of two girls, I know all too well the pressures of society, and the pressure many women put on themselves to ‘bounce back’ post baby. It was for this very reason I decided to obtain my Certificate IV in Fitness back in 2016, to educate other women on finding a more sustainable approach to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. One that allows them to feel good in their skin without slogging themselves in the gym doing countless hours of cardio or following fad calorie restricting diets.

My priority lies in encouraging clients to focus less on aesthetic based goals and more on getting fitter and stronger  which ultimately leads to consistent progression and great results. As a coach, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing clients who were once too scared to enter the weights room in fear of getting ‘bulky’ or claiming it’s ‘just for males’, hitting their first bodyweight or even double bodyweight squat, deadlift and hip thrusts!

Specialities: Weight Loss and Body Recomposition

Favourite Movement: Deadlift

Least Favourite Movement: Push Ups. At 5,11 these long levers put me at a slight disadvantage!

I started Olympic weightlifting as a 14 year old and competed at a State and National level until I was 21, peaking with Australian representation at an international Invitational competition against New Zealand.

After a few years in the wilderness, I was encouraged to give CrossFit a try and haven’t looked back since.

In Barbell Class we aim to make Olympic weightlifting a staple of everyone’s CrossFit journey. It is a technically demanding skill, requiring patience and commitment, but hopefully with a few little pointers and tweaks here and there, we can have everyone lifting like a pro!

Remember – Don’t be afraid of being a beginner!

Favourite movement: Snatch (full snatch for the crossfitters out there)

Least favourite movement: Cardio (I’m still a weightlifter at heart…)

Dean Haynes started his Personal Training and Coaching passion in 2013.



The easiest way to describe Dean is a preacher of his practise.

Dean has always been exposed to two sides of a coin.

He’s a country guy who moved to the city and back a couple times, he’s exposed himself

to aesthetic based training but always loved the ability of having fitness.

He has surrounded himself in high intensity environments whilst appreciating

the prehabilitation and rehab mechanisms that support it.
He has come from commercial gyms and trained out of his shed.
With 5 years of drowning study and hours of applications,
Dean found his true purpose in life, spreading the things you learn about yourself doing fitness.
He loves the psychological changes people experience and go through and has the largest amount of passion for helping people be happy about themselves!
Dean’s biggest success is through having an eye for analysing movement and improving his clients fitness capacity.
His personal ambitions involve Crossfit regionals in 2018 and a continual growth in society’s ability to become happier within themselves.



Crossfit Level 1

ASCA Strength And Conditioning

Rehab Core to Performance + Shoulders and Hips

Olympic Lifting Coach

Specialising In

  • Movement analysis
  • Daily tasks
  •  Sports Specific & Performance specific training
  •  Fitness Capacity
  •  Strength Training
  • Lifestyle Coaching through exercise and nutrition
  •  Weight loss / Gain

Dean’s one piece of advice is to train with intent.
Knowledge, technique, and improvements are all supported by the intensity and the intention of your training.
Train to YOUR highest intensity whilst understanding what your reasoning is behind what workout you are doing and you’ll forever improve on the aspects you want to get better at.

If you have an area you need to fast track that Dean specialises in, he will answer any inquiries within 48hrs!

Contact [email protected] or 0447 816 764

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