I have been in the fitness industry since 2009 through Rowing coaching, Personal Training, Remedial Massage and CrossFit.

Over these years I have worked with a wide range of people. From weight loss to weight gain, strength training to conditioning. I enjoy working with people who have injuries, showing them and everyone else, that no matter what your set back, there is always a way to do CrossFit and to bring the best out in the box.

The whole philosophy of CrossFit is what drew me to it in the beginning, the concept of not only being strong but encouraging all round fitness and gymnastic movements to make you a well rounded athlete.

The best part of my day is knowing that I get to wake up, go to work and make people’s lives better through CrossFit.

Favourite workout: Hero WOD, The seven.

Favourite movement: Power clean.

Least favourite workout: Karen.

Least favourite movement: Wallballs, I’m 5’8 on a tall day and its a longgggg way to throw that ball.

The understanding of the benefits CrossFit could provide to the individual is what drew me to CrossFit in the beginning.

The concept of not only being strong, but all round adaptive fitness, including olympic lifting and gymnastic movements, to embellish your every-day life is something you don’t see in your every day training.

Everyone starts somewhere and commitment is the key to make you shine.


Favourite workout: Hero WOD Murph.

Favourite movement: Dead Lift.

Least favourite workout: Hero WOD Holleyman.

Least favourite movement: Snatch, mobility is the key to lifting, and that just ain’t me.

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