Personal Training

CrossFit Fallen offers personalized PT sessions, tailored to your individual needs!

If you need that extra push and want professional quality trainers looking after your fitness and well-being,

come and see us at the Gym or contact us Here!

Benefits from Personal Training

Receiving personalised sessions from our professional trainers at CrossFit Fallen, beyond that of our Foundations sessions or regular daily CrossFit Group classes, adds that extra edge to your athletic performance.


What You Will Gain:


  • Experience in CrossFit lifts

  • Develop specific Skill sets

  • Set Goals

  • Be accountable for your health and well-being.



Personal training is available 6 days a week from 7am, by appointment only.



Our training rates are based on our individual trainers.

Check out our trainers profiles to see who might be best for you, otherwise we will assign a trainer to you.

Single Session Rates: Contact Us

Multiple Session Rates: Contact Us

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